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Tetra Terminals/ UHF-VHF Radios

TETRA systems are used in both public safety and commercial sectors by organisations that need reliability, capacity and security for their communications. TETRA infrastructures, devices, services and applications are used by many industries, including Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Transport and Logistics,Constructions, Utilities and more. TETRA technologies enable every industry to have safe and reliable communications

Integrated Communication Solutions

Integrated Communication Solutions

We design Integrated Communication Systems combining a cutting-edge technology with system integration expertise. We offer customized solutions for new and growing surveillance and situational awareness challenges in areas such as Border Control, Refineries, Ports and Airports, Internal Security and Critical Infrastructure protection.

Seabed Sonar Mapping

We design the solution for Sonar System reliably detects, tracks and classifies divers and small underwater vehicles approaching a protected asset from any direction and alerts security personnel to the potential threat.

Vessel Traffic Management

Vessel Traffic Management

Vessel Traffic Management System is a state-of-the art solution for assuring safe and efficient navigation in the ports, harbors and coastal areas. We design the solution which allows managing vessel traffic flow and provides communication of vessels entering the port and port authorities.

Incident Management Systems

We Design the effective Incident Management System (IMS) transforms the effectiveness of incident command, control, communications and information management, helping Ports, Metro, Airports and Refineries make a quantum leap in service improvement, workforce safety and operational assurance.

Automatic Vehicle Location System

AVLS (Real-Time Location System) is a wireless radio frequency solution that continually monitors and reports real-time locations of tracked esources. AVLS is a positioning system that utilizes Wi-Fi rather than GPS to accurately pinpoint location. AVLS is quickly deployed using mesh networking technology and is easily configured and maintained. AVLS can be deployed on existing Wi-Fi networks. AVLS provides all the tools necessary to track people and assets.

Maritime Intrusion Detection System

We designed to provide solution for Coastal, Waterways and Underwater areas – that require a smart barrier to provide a total perimeter protection while having zero false alarms. We design the solution as a physical barrier to protect waterside perimeters from intruders such as speed boats, divers, floating explosive packages and other water based intruders.