Nurse Call System

We offer solutions to improve communication in hospitals & Clinics. The Nurse Calling System (NCS) is an innovative product to give reliable service to the patients. NCS ensures service guarantee to patients in the ward. Also our wired and wireless solutions ease product installation in hospitals. Our economical NCSs are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes. NCS enables real-time data logging of the patient calls to the nurses. A data analysis software gives detailed report of the services rendered to the patients which is IP based.

Master Clock System

Master Clock is an electronic device which provides time synchronization signals to a number of slave clocks on a network. They maintain accurate time from a hardware clock source like GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or other sources of precise time. Master Clock Systems are centralized clock systems which use GPS/Wi-Fi technology to show the exact time across the facility to regulate and uphold same time across all the clocks, display devices.

Weather Monitoring System

We offers a highly versatile, scalable, and reliable Weather Monitoring System (WMS) for Solar and Wind power projects. The WMS uses high accuracy sensors for the measurement of radiation, albedo, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, module temperature, soiling, and other parameters. There is a wide range of sensors Solutons from global sensor manufacturers. We are aware that the projects of different sizes have different requirements. Therefore, we research and test a large number of sensors before recommending you the most optimum combination from the performance as well as the cost point of view.

CAD/GIS & 3D Modelling

Use GIS 3D modeling services and data visualizations to view patterns, trends, and non obvious relationships. We Infrascom Solutions provide 3D modeling and surface analysis that includes the generation of the Digital Elevation Model and Digital Surface Model. 3Dmodelling of buildings are generated based on the procedural modeling approach and buildings 2D GIS data. Our experts in 3D Modelling Services provide a 3D visualization effect that can provide estimation with a more natural and efficient view of real estate and variety of end users.