Security System

Infrascom Solutions has recognized its expertise in providing State of the Art Systems for Security Solutions and its core strength lies in the extensive use of latest technology in exciting new applications such as Video Management Systems, Video and Audio analytics, Parking Management and Physical Security Management System.

CCTV Surveillance
CCTV Surveillance

We offer a complete solution for IP based Surveillance Systems requirements. We only design and install world reputable manufacturers equipment which is deemed suitable for the specific application requirements of the project. We ensure that the systems perform to the design criteria and objectives in every aspect. We have in-house expertise, experienced and qualified engineers that perform an integral part in the Design, Install, Testing and Commissioning of the Security Systems Project.

Access Control System

We offer a complete range of access control solutions and PC based access control, PIN, Proximity RFID card, Readers and Biometrics, etc. We have a wide range of products that cover many applications, including Malls, Commercial Complexes, Residential Towers, Hotel and Resorts and Hospitals and can also cover establishments requiring a higher level of security, such as Airports, Ports, Metro and other critical infrastructure.


We provide the turnstiles and gates Access Control System to control entry into or exit out of an area. These solution are used to restrict access, provide security, and control people traffic. They are used to bring order to crowds exiting in the facilities like stadiums, amusement parks, sporting events and also provide security to high-risk areas like corporate lobbies, data centers, and construction sites.

Perimeter & Fence Protection

We design the highly secured power fence along the perimeter with latest technologies, cost effective, round-the-clock vigilance system that not only deters would-be intruders through the discharge of regulated pulses of high voltage current but also detects, delays and denies entry to and exit from the protected area.

Perimeter & Fence Protection
Under Vehicle Scanner System
Under Vehicle

UVSS solutions are designed to scan, monitor, and digitally record crisp, clear digital video images of the entire width of a vehicle's undersides—all with one permanent or portable system. Infracsom Solutions with right partners makes the UVSS a cost-effective and convenient solution for checking passenger vehicles, vans, buses, semi tractors, trucks and trailers, and more. It an ideal solution for governmental, military, corporate, and transportation facilities—wherever complete vehicle monitoring is required.

Barriers / Bollards / Blockers

We design the Traffic barriers assist in regulating traffic movement within any facility so that specific checks can be made on vehicles coming into the facility and thereby securing the facilities. Traffic barrier not only assists in regulating the traffic movement but also creates a deterrent and delays the infiltrator.

Intrusion Detection System

We offer an effective security system from selection of equipment to quality of installation, and based on an evaluation of your security needs. Protection against theft and intrusion is a fundamental concern of every business house. Security system detectors sense the opening of doors and windows, breaking glass & human motion. Modern security systems are controlled using a keyboard by entering a code or by presenting an RFID card

Command and Control Room

Infrascom has expertise in addressing the unique requirement of mission critical facilities such as NOC, SOC, War Room, Emergency Operation Centre, Traffic & Security Monitoring Centre providing technology like LED/LCD/DLP display system, signal distribution, KVM solution, operator consoles etc.

Central Alarm Monitoring System

where it helped the government meet its safety and security needs in the country. CAMS solution helps government to offer alarm system connectivity by connecting business and residential premises with fire detection and theft & intrusion alarm systems, with a direct link to the City Command & Control Centre and the control centre will be connected to entities including Police, Ambulance, Fire Security & Safety services to manage emergency situations that could post

X-Ray Scanner

The ever-evolving world of technology demands a lot when it comes out security of your premises,possessions and more. the only way to ensure the optimum level of security is to use the latest, safest and reliant surveillance systems-one of the most important of them being the X-ray Baggage Systems. X-ray Baggage  are imaging systems for detection of dangerous/banned objects or substances within baggage/cases/packets etc. Baggage scanning machines are installed in residential complexes, hospitals, airports, railway station and so on to ensure safety and other security institutions


Infrascom Solutions offers a wide range of X-ray Baggage Inspection Systems that meet all the security standards and regulations directed by the government or


Drone Detection System

While the popularity of consumer drones continues to increase, it has posed potential safety and security challenges for areas such as airports, prisons, nuclear power plants, and various government facilities and infrastructure. Traditional protections in these locations may not be able to adequately detect and monitor UAVs to prevent consequential incidents. With the global partner in place we can design the solution to identify the vast majority of popular drones on the market today by monitoring and analyzing their electronic signals to gain critical information, allowing users to protect the integrity of their sensitive environment.