Emergency Communication System

We design Integrated Communication Systems combining a cutting-edge technology with system integration expertise. We offer customized solutions for new and growing surveillance and situational awareness challenges in areas such as Border Control, Refineries, Ports and Airports, Internal Security and Critical Infrastructure protection.

Tetra /VHF /UHF / Walkie - Talkie

TETRA systems are used in both public safety and commercial sectors by organisations that need reliability, capacity and security for their communications. TETRA infrastructures, devices, services and applications are used by many industries, including Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Transport and Logistics, Constructions, Utilities and more. TETRA technologies enable every industry to have a safe and reliable communications.

Tunnel Communication System

Whether you are looking for a way to communicate or track personnel in an underground tunnel, monitor gases within the tunnel, or pull data from equipment, we have you covered – no matter how deep or how long your tunnel is system. Our network systems are completely integrated and scalable enabling you to start with the features you need now and expand as your needs changes. Our experts and experienced professionals can help in designing the customized Tunnel communication solution as per you need and wants.

Anti Drone System

While the popularity of consumer drones continues to increase, it has posed potential safety and security challenges for areas such as airports, prisons, nuclear power plants, and various government facilities and infrastructure. Traditional protections in these locations may not be able to adequately detect and monitor UAVs to prevent consequential incidents. With the global partner in place we can design the solution to identify the vast majority of popular drones on the market today by monitoring and analyzing their electronic signals to gain critical information, allowing users to protect the
integrity of their sensitive environment